Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Atlantis the planet

This is merely a side note and doesn't really have any bearing on the story, bt I thought the idea is really cool, so I'm going to tell you about it. In the 9th jumpgate universe there are no other planets exactly like earth. Terraforming will make a planet semi inhabitable, but there really are no planets that are completely terraformed to the point you can walk around without a mask or other special equipment. One planet was in the perfect orbit for terraforming. The sun just right for a good climate, not too hot and not too cold. The rotation was very close to 24 hours. The only problem was that it was too small to hold an atmosphere. The answer to this problem was a perfluorocarbon liquid, a breathable liquid ( ) that the lower gravity could hold on to, an entire planet filled with it. I know there are a lot of problems that need to be solved but I'm sure we could work it out. It would bassically be like living under a tropical sea. People who lived there would probably even have gill like slits in their necks to assist with breathing the higher viscosity liquid. Tourism and medical therapy would be their main incomes. Specially engineered animals and plants would populate it and huge filters and plantations would regulate the medium to keep it pure. And there you have it, the planet Atlantis!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Twofeather Radiation Sail

Today we learn about... The Two Feather Radiation Sail! Back in the days of exclusively interplanetary travel within the Sol system the main methods of propulsion were still crude ion engines and cruder combustion rocket engines. Ion engines were extremely underpowered and the combustion engines required exorbitant amounts of fuel and had a very limited life span. Even with Earth's space elevator space travel was still limited to large corporations, very wealthy individuals, and the governments. By this time Earth was already low on raw materials, so it was worth the large expenditures to fund expeditions to Mars and the asteroid belts. This was a time of much turmoil and uncertainty as Earth was pushed to the limits. Because of the invention of a cheap power source (Mr. Fusion, or equivalent) travel around the globe was now cheap, and the world was beginning to feel cramped. Everything seemed to have reached a point of stagnancy. The brightest possiblilty for growth was in space. Vast amounts of money were poured into trying to develop an economical and powerful engine for space. Until an unkown American Native claimed to have discovered it at last using a sail like technology. He was quickly mocked and dismissed but eventually it was evident that he had indeed solved this problem, but by the time the corporate world realized this, he had discovered that money wasn't everything and decided to go back to his roots in a reservation. Before he returned he licensed the technology for pennies on the dollar to pretty much everyone who wanted it. The invention and distribution of the new technology opened many possibilities and sparked a 2nd renaissance of art and technology. The Two Feather Radiation Sail is only named after a sail because of looks and needs no outside powersource. The sail consists of a large piece of material rigged much like a sail. The atomic remains of a continuing fusion reaction (supplied by a Mr Fusion type machine) are channeled to the material where it radiates from the back of the sail pushing the craft forward. The trails left by these sails are reminiscent of Aura Borealis and it was an inspiring sight to see the massive asteroid freighters and space liners accelerating through space leaving iridecent trails. Many luxury liners were more works of art than ships with massive sails deployed in intricate patterns. Because of the simplicity of the sails they made a perfect propulsion system for interplanetary travel, but due to their fragility weren't use in areas with a lot of rock and space junk were floating around. As raw materials flowed cheaply again to Earth and Mars peace flourished. New colonies sprouted on the moon and Mars. Even the asteroid belt mining towns were growing into large maufacturing and trading space stations. For hundreds of years the Twofeather Sail ruled space. Even after the invention of the C-drive the twofeather sails remains popular among enthusiasts and as back up drives for escape pods and small ships. Their huge radiation trails make them easy to spot and track. To this day old luxury liners built during this era are still employed. These ships are unparalleled in their beauty and luxury. Authentic wood and stone from earth make these among the most valuable ships ever built. Many ships were built solely for their aesthetic qualities, and even the ships that were built only as freighters are still works of art. The age of the second renaissance set the foundation and structure that readied the earth for the introduction of the C-drive

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Ninth Jumpgate

The story begins with the discovery of the 9th jumpgate. Soon after the discovery of the C+ drives and jumpgates a series of huge colony ships colloquelly known as the Legendary Colony Ships, were sent out to explore and colonize. Due to the crudeness of the early equipment some of the ships were destroyed in accidents, or later found adrift. Only one of these ships, the JVS Horizon, was lost without a trace. Over the next few thousand years many legitimate theories, conspiracy theories, and 2 hour long TV specials sprang up around the Horizon, however the only concrete conclusion reached was that it was indeed unaccountably missing. Then on a day just like anyother day in the universe, pieces of a shuttle unmistakably from the Horizon were simultaneously spewed out of all the eight gates. It was apparent that the shuttle had come through a gate previously unknown and was destroyed in transit. The first scramble was to find where exactly the gate was located. By means of tracing and espionage soon all the countries had found it. It was located towards the center of the Milky Way in a star nursery. Because of it's location where a lot of free matter existed, the gate had been closed for some time with all the material being sucked through (gates can only handle so much matter traffic before they close. The other gates in relatively clean areas are able to accept virtually unlimited ammounts of traffic) only recently opened and the collapsed again by the passage of the shuttle. As the location was discovered fleets were being made ready to claim the gate in the name of their originators. Dispute was unavoidable.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

yeah yeah, been forever

This is a vague introduction to the world of the Ninth Jumpgate. This is a science fiction type world set thousands of years in the future, as science fictions tend to be set. There are no aliens except the human race. there are no sofisticated AIs or genetically altered super humans. There are also extremely few Earth like planets. Earth its self is actually more of a big nature reserve as all industry has moved away from being geocentric thousands of years ago. There is faster than light travel powered by something called the C-Drive. C for lightspeed I think. The C drive uses an excitor and a fin. The excitor sends a charge to the fin and the fin impulses "ether" for lack of a better word, bassically the stuff that gravity is or flows along... or uses...(correct me if I'm wrong, other Ryan), along the horizontal axis, this produces thrust. This process also creates a negative field in front and a positive buildup behind which induces the problem that if the ship is large enough, the difference would be too great. The force of the negative and positive buildups would tear the ship to pieces in a reality bending implosion as the rear of the vessel hurries to get to the front, while the bow rushes to the back. The size of the ship is therefore limited to small figher sized crafts. There are exceptions, however the cost of building one of these large C+ capable ships is prohibitive and restricted almost exclusively to goverments. The thicker the fin the more power it has to push, but only up to a certain speed. A thinner fin is able to obtain much higher speeds. The super thin fins are used for C+ (faster than light travel). In order to reach C++ speeds (much faster than light) a JumpGate is required. A Jumpgate may actually be better described as a "Jumparea" as it is more of a thin spot in space where one can jump into a "hyperspace" and travel to another jumpgate. There are 8 known jumpgates in the begining of this story, each of these jumpgates is more less equivalent to a continent. The core planets closest to the jumpgate have the highest population and most industries. The outlying planets take longer to get to using just the C+ speeds, of course becoming more and more remote as the sphere increases. There are 5 main goverments or countries, with the gate split among them. All was pretty much balanced until the discovery of something which threatened to throw off the delicate balance of power achieved after hundreds of years, the Ninth Jumpgate.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Haha! First post

Welcome to the blog of champions! or not.... anyway this is just to record stuff about our (RyanA and RyanJ) sci fi universe The Ninth Jumpgate, or Jumpgate Nine, or JG9 take your pick it all means the same thing. Here we'll (there's going to be two of us) post stuff about the universe. History, ship design, storyline, scientific dribble that we think sounds good, and anything else we feel like posting, like the other Ryan's credit card number 8624 8626 7589 0078. For now there is no structure, maybe later we'll figure everything out, meanwhile, why don't you go do something useful? Oh yeah that's right, cause you're useless. maybe later we'll come up with an introduction to explain what exactly JG9 is all about. In short it's a science fiction universe that we made up for the sole reason to have a universe that has almost exclusively small ships that look cool. Enjoy! or rather, Please Don't Flame!

Ryan J